Finance Automation

Finance Automation

We help finance teams save thousands of hours of manual labour while avoiding errors and rework.

As a finance manager, you likely grapple with balancing efficiency, risk, and costs. Finance automation has become an important strategy to improve productivity and meet business timelines. Automation can include tasks that change data (e.g. reconciling invoice payments) or tasks that verify data is correct, in line with business rules (e.g. verifying that an invoice has been coded correctly).

The Benefits

Finance Team

Everyone knows the benefits of automation for the business:

  • Increased throughput and productivity for your staff by automating repetitive
  • Reduced costs by streamlining operations
  • Improved control through consistent automation and reduction of manual errors
  • Enhanced data analytics from automated aggregation of financial data

But have you considered these other, less obvious benefits?

  • Improved employee morale by reducing the need for repetitive tasks
  • Making your business more attractive to potential employees
  • More time for your staff to innovate
  • More time for your staff to focus on personalised customer service

So where’s the problem? Why isn’t everything automated?

Many common tasks are already automated for most businesses, for example, invoice creation, payroll, payments processing, and bank transaction import. However, the tasks that remain done in manual ways are often the more complex tasks or those that involve multiple systems. These tasks are also often the most time-consuming and error-prone!

We specialise in automating complex finance processes, for example:

  • multi-entity revenue allocation,
  • multi-entity report consolidation,
  • multi-system data synchronisation,
  • inter-entity loan management.

Our Approach

There are many ways to automate these processes, and we can help you find the best solution for your business.

  1. We start by interviewing your team to understand the process and the pain points.
  2. The first question we ask is: what steps can be removed? The less we need to automate, the easier and cheaper the related changes will be.
  3. Similarly, we then look at which steps can be simplified.
  4. Finally, we look at which steps can be automated.
  5. We provide detailed recommendations with multiple options, including pros and cons, and cost estimates.
  6. At this point, you can decide how to implement the recommendations. If you choose, we can help you implement the solution. Or you may do it in-house, with a specialised vendor, or with an off-the-shelf solution.

What Makes us Unique?

Yes there are many companies and software packages that can help you automate your finance processes.

We believe we’re a great partner because:

  • We have a solid understanding of finance processes, and the challenges faced by finance teams.
  • We prioritise security. We understand that finance data is sensitive, and we take the necessary steps to ensure it is protected.
  • We have decades of experience writing business software, and we know how to build robust, reliable, and efficient solutions.
  • We specialise in tailored solutions, while drawing on our extensive library of reusable components.

How we Can Help You

We have a broad range of experience in automating finance processes. We offer a number of service options:

Custom Automation

Custom Automation

This suits clients who need Xero integration capabilities built into their existing software, in their existing hosting environment.

Where possible we build the Xero integration in a self-contained microservice, which will be hosted in your environment.

Multiple languages are supported, including Python, C#, Node.js, and PHP

Continual Compliance Verification

Continual Compliance Verification

A lot of repetitive processes involve making sure something has been done correctly. For example, coding a line item with the correct account, tax code, or tracking category.

Rather than doing this manually, we can provide solutions that automatically verify that the correct coding has been applied, and alert you if it hasn't.

Our solutions are rules-based and flexible. They can operate on a schedule, or be triggered by a particular event, for example, the update of an invoice.



Sometimes a solution is not technical, but rather a process change. Maybe you need a second opinion, or an alternative perspective.

We can help you identify if a process is suitable for automation, and if not, provide specific advice on how to improve it.

Xero Integrations

Xero Integrations

This suits clients who need to integrate Xero with their office systems, software and/or processes. Xero is a great reporting and data collection hub, but it is not always easy to get the data you need into (or out of) Xero, especially in a secure, reliable and cost-effective way.

We have various options available to suit your requirements and budget.

Find out more about our Xero API Integration services.

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Sydney Software Development delivers time-saving automation to Hub Australia

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