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Xero API Integration

Harness our broad experience to build your app's Xero integration.

Xero is a fantastic Cloud Accounting web application. We’ve been customers ourselves for over 10 years, and are proud to be a Xero-approved Developer Partner!

One of the great things about Xero is the ability to integrate it with thousands of other software applications. You can do things like:

  • have your eCommerce system create an invoice in Xero when a new order is created
  • upload your personal expenses into a GL manual journal
  • export Xero report data into other reporting tools
  • perform an action in another system when a Xero invoice is created
  • … and just about anything else you can imagine

The Xero App Store contains hundreds of applications that integrate with Xero in some way. Subscribing to these apps is often the easiest way to quickly achieve your integration requirement.

However sometimes you may have more specific requirements, for example:

  • your requirement is not met by any app on the Xero App Store
  • your proprietary software requires integration with Xero
  • privacy/security requirements dictate that a SaaS-based integration cannot be used

In these cases, we offer multiple options to best suit your business’ individual use-case and architectural requirements:

  • build a standalone Xero integration application (microservice), tailored to your requirements, with which your existing software will interface;
  • help your developers build Xero integration capabilities into your existing software;
  • provide access to our data integration platform, which provides API and UI-based methods for quickly setting up Xero integrations

We also specialise in developing Xero Apps, which are applications that are listed on the Xero App Store. We can help you with the entire process, from initial design, through to development, testing, and listing on the Xero App Store.

We provide Xero integration services in a few different ways, depending on your requirements:

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

This suits clients who need Xero integration capabilities built into their existing software, in their existing hosting environment.

Where possible we build the Xero integration in a self-contained microservice, which will be hosted in your environment.

Multiple languages are supported, including Python, C#, Node.js, and PHP

Xero App Development

Xero App Development

If you have software that you want to seamlessly integrate with Xero, you will need to create a Xero App.

Our end-to-end Xero App development service takes you from ideation to deployment, providing you with expert guidance and support throughout the entire development process.

Read more about our Xero App Development service



Our Consulting option is designed for clients with an established development team who need:

  • a software design for the Xero integration, or
  • an audit of an existing design, or
  • help to troubleshoot a partially functional integration, or
  • general support and advice, particularly with respect to Xero integration best practices.
Easy Data Sync

Easy Data Sync

Easy Data Sync is our data integration platform, which accelerates development of data integrations. It allows us to deliver cost-effective custom integrations by removing the need to implement common features for each project. We focus on developing only what is unique to your requirement.

It suits clients who need a custom integration but are not able, or do not prefer, to build Xero integration capabilities into their existing application.

Easy Data Sync can be used on our secure SaaS platform, or hosted in your own AWS account.

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